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English Vocabulary Building for Intermediate or Advanced Users. Wordomatrix supports you to build your vocabulary effortlessly to communicate effectively. A very highly customised package to suit ones requirements and find out weak areas of vocabulary to learn them quickly, Effective Vocabulary Building for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced level of English Users. Easy to learn and Test your vocabulary in English on the go. Wordomatrix, a Successful and customised Vocabulary Builder for your IELTS , PTE, ENGLISH Training or Coaching or preparation. Your communication skill should not be an obstacle in your career growth. You may be a working professional, you may feel low at times while communicating in a group or with people having high proficiency in language. For a confident communication in English, you may need to update your vocabulary.Yes, it's time to upgrade!

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Most Essential 3 Letter Words

Words starting with Alphabets A,B,C...Click on the following words to know Pronunciation,Meaning,Parts of Speech and Usage.

Act Act Add Age Ago Aid Aim Aim Air All All And Any Any Arm Art Ask Bad Bag Ban Bar Bat Bed Bet Bet Bid Big Bin Bit Bit Box Boy Bug Bus But But But Buy Bye Bye Can Can Cap Car Cat Cow Cry Cry Cup Cut Cut Dad Day Die Dig Dog Dot Dry Dry Due
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4 Letter Words

Able Acid Aged Also Area Army Aunt Away Baby Back Back Back Back Bake Ball Band Bang Bang Bank Base Base Bath Beam Bear Beat Beef Beer Bell Belt Bend Best Best Bike Bill Bird Bite Bite Blow Blow Blue Boat Body Boil Bomb Bone Book Book Boom Boot Born Boss Both Bowl Buck Bump Burn Burn Bury Busy Cake

Most Essential 5 Letter Words

About About Above Above Abuse Actor Adapt Admit Adopt Adult Adult After Again Agent Agree Ahead Alarm Album Alive Allow Alone Along Along Alter Among Anger Angle Angry Annoy Apart Apple Apply Argue Arise Armed Aside Avoid Awake Award Award Aware Awful Bacon Badly Basic Basis Beach Beard Beat Begin Being Below Bench Birth Black Blade Blame Blank Bless Blind

Most Essential 6 Letter Words

Abroad Absorb Accept Access Accuse Across Action Active Actual Adjust Admire Advert Advice Advise Affair Affect Afford Afraid Agency Almost Always Amount Animal Annual Answer Answer Anyhow Anyone Anyway Appeal Appeal Appear Around Arrest Artist Asleep Aspect Assess Assist Assume Assure Attach Attack Attack Attend Author Autumn Basket Battle Beauty Become Before Before Before Behalf Behave Behind Belief Belief Belong

Most Essential 7 Letter Words

Ability Absence Account Account Achieve Achieve Acquire Address Address Advance Advance Adviser Against Airline Airport Alcohol Already Alright Amazing Analyse Analyst Ancient Another Anxiety Anxious Anybody Apology Appoint Approve Arrange Arrival Arrive Article Ashamed Attempt Attempt Attract Average Average Awkward Balance Balance Barrier Battery Because Because Bedroom Believe Believe Beneath Benefit Benefit Between Bicycle Biscuit Boiling Breathe Briefly Brother Builder

Most Essential 8 Letter Words

Absolute Academic Accident Accurate Activist Activity Actually Addition Adequate Advanced Aircraft Although Ambition Analysis Announce Anything Anywhere Apparent Approach Approach Approval Argument Attitude Attorney Audience Baseball Bathroom Birthday Building Business Calender Campaign Capacity Category Chairman Champion Chemical Chemical Collapse Complain Complete Complete Comprise Computer Conclude Conflict Confused Consider Constant Consumer Continue Contract Contrast Convince Corridor Creation Creative Creature Criminal Critical

Most Essential 9 Letter Words

Accompany Admission Advantage Advertise Afternoon Agreement Allowance Alongside Ambulance Apartment Apologize Architect Assistant Associate Attention Authority Automatic Available Awareness Backwards Basically Beautiful Beginning Behaviour Boyfriend Breakfast Brilliant Calculate Candidate Carefully Catalogue Celebrate Cellphone Certainly Challenge Challenge Character Chemistry Childhood Chocolate Cigarette Classical Classroom Colleague Committee Community Complaint Component Concerned Condition Confident Confusing Confusion Conscious Construct Criterion Criticism Criticize Currently Dangerous

Most Essential 10 Letter Words

Absolutely Acceptable Additional Afterwards Aggressive Aggressive Altogether Anticipate Apparently Appearance Appoinment Appreciate Artificial Assessment Assignment Assistance Assumption Atmosphere Attraction Attractive Background Beforehand Calculator Centimeter Collection Come along Commercial Commission Commitment Comparison Completely Concerning Conclusion Confidence Connection Consistent Constantly Constitute Continuous Contribute Convenient Convention Conviction Creditcard Definitely Definition Democratic Department Depression Determined Difference Difficulty Disappoint Discipline Discussion Disgusting Distribute Downstairs Each other Efficiency

Most Essential 11 Letter Words

Pollution Achievement Acknowledge Acknowledge Advertising Agriculture Alternative Alternative Application Appropriate Approximate Arrangement Association Calculation Celebration Certificate Combination Comfortable Communicate Competetive Competition Complicated Concentrate Consequence Consumption Cooperation Countryside Demonstrate Description Destruction

Most Essential 12 Letter Words

Accomodation According to Announcement Architecture Championship Characterize Circumstance Considerable Considerably Construction Contemporary Contribution Conventional Conversation Deliberately Dime a dozen Disappointed Distribution Enthusiastic Experimental Good Morning Headquarters Implication Increasingly Independence Information Intellectual Intelligence Intervention Introduction

Most Essential 13 Letter Words

Advertisement Automatically Communication Comprehensive Concentration Consciousness Consideration Demonstration Determination Entertainment Environmental Establishment Extraordinary International Investigation Make time for Manufacturing Neighbourhood Psychological Qualification Significantly Understanding Unfortunately

Most Essential 14 Letter Words

Administration Administrative Characteristic Congratulation Interpretation Recommendation Representation Representative Responsibility Transportation

Most Essential 15 Letter Word

In good spirits Straightforward


Professionals having key responsibilities in communicating with Clients and Upper Management by e-Mail or over Phone need to use effective Vocabulary such as Phrases, Idioms, Collocations etc.


It's quite essential for any student to ensure learning 3500 most important Words for Effective Communication..

How to learn?

Wordomatrix provides Essential Words, Phrases, Idioms, Collocations, Proverbs, Words in Pair, Adjectives and Adverbs to strengthen the Vocabulary for both Advanced Users and Intermediate Users. You need not learn everything that is listed. Most essential and unfamiliar words of your choice may be selected and sent with meaning and usage to your e-Mail ID or learn online directly.

Don't Learn Unnecessary Words

Research says there are 390 million words in English. You need not and cannot learn everything. You certainly need to know what are the words to learn for an Effective Communication.

Learn Words for 2Ps

There are some words to use in your Profession and there are some words to use in your Personal Communication.

Wordomatrix provides essential Words with
1. Spelling, 2. Pronunciation, 3.Parts of Speech, 4. Meaning, 5. Usage for the better understanding of the user.

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Roll up your sleeves, identify your week areas of Vocabulary and Start gathering effective Words,Phrases,Idioms and Collocations right now.

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